LIVE Interview with Brian Brushwood on The NOTHING Show!


Brian Brushwood, host of Discovery Channel’s “Scam School” and Nat Geo TV’s “Hacking the System” joins me LIVE on Blab for an hour of Magic and Mayhem!

Perhaps one of my BEST interviews to date!  I met Brian in a tech show that was playing on the TTB Network (The Tech Buzz – Stephen Heywood).  I was a caller on the show who had a question to ask.  I may have had an ulterior motive, however, as you’ll see in this clip from the “Broadcast Now” which is not only found on YouTube, but is also available in High Def (HD) via the TTB Network and their app on Roku!

Following that particular show, I had planned on having Brian on as a co-host of the once-popular and now defunct #BlabNation broadcast.  However, Brian was heavily involved with the SxSW (South by Southwest) conference in Austin, Texas, so I had to wait it out a couple weeks before he was available.  Meanwhile I had left the aforementioned show as co-host and started to produce my own shows, so on Mar. 18th, 2016, we finally managed to get together for a LIVE interview.  Along with the help of “Q the Brand” who was kind enough to join me as my co-host from Phoenix, AZ, (7 a.m. her time!) the show went off without a hitch!

Sometimes the things you think may be impossible to accomplish are as simple as asking “Would you care to join us on a LIVE show?”   Who’d a thunk it? lol!

Enjoy the LIVE, Uncut version of “The Magic and Mayhem of LIVE Productions”! (produced solely on


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