Consultation Services

I’m there if you need me, when you need me…

When it comes to developing a lucrative online business footprint, I provide my services as a tech-oriented consultant and mentor. This means I don’t just show  you I can do something for you, I can also show you how to do it for yourself!   I have over 30 years of computer, internet, computer design, broadcasting and business building experience.  Talk to me about your particular needs and let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Initial Consultation are ALWAYS FREE!

I will work with any individual or company interested in improving their social media presence, branding recognition, search engine placement or video marketing strategy, but what I’m probably best known for is teaching individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs alike how to utilize LIVE broadcasting software,  hardware and internet platforms to reach more people in less time.

From branding and blogging to live video and evergreen marketing,  I can help you put together a foundation using the essential building blocks required to help your business succeed in an ever expanding digital environment.

Schedule an appointment right away that fits your convenience.

There’s no better way to determine if we will work well together than to make direct contact as soon as possible.  Head over to my Contact Page or pick a good time we can talk by using my automated scheduling software here in the lower left corner of the website.  Let’s see what I can do for you.


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