The NOTHING Show!™

Coming to a LIVE stream platform near you!

Well, I may have “gone and done it”, as they say.  after a long stint on #BlabNation, I decided it was time for me to venture onward and outward.  Honestly, the whole #business, #social media, #marketing thing was beginning to bore me to death, and I was also starting to see a lot of feedback on what the “experts” were bringing to the LIVE experience on the platform.  It seems everyone is pretty full-up with all of these peeps that think their the pros when it comes to creating content and blogging and posting on social media.  When it comes right down to it, how hard is it really?  Not that if you ask me.  You just have to be yourself.

Now I have never professed to being a social media expert, and never would.  But I DO know a little bit about social media and how it works.  BUT, the big thing coming off of everyone’s tongue right now is…well, you probably guessed it already, LIVE streaming.  Platforms like Periscope, Meerkat, SnapChat and yes, my favorite Blab, have been all the rage lately.  Funny thing is there are plenty more sites on the way!  I’m looking to broadcast out on several platforms in the near future and already have my sights set on YouTube LIVE, Daily Motion, Stream You and GoLIVEwith (which should be in BETA any day now). Soooo…

For now, I thought I’d at least stick to the basics and get a show going on a regular schedule starting on Blab.  I intend to take this show out to other platforms in a couple of weeks, but Blab is a good start.  Besides YouTube, it’s really the community that I managed to cut my teeth on you might say.  I’ve developed a ton of new connections and friendships alike on the platform and I’m looking forward to creating many more connections going forward.  So come on out an look me up! You can find my profile here.

Here’s a little taste of what the new show I have is store will be like.  One has the intro and the other is the pilot episode!  Enjoy!


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