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Crush Your Competition With The Blue Ocean Strategy 

with Leland Best™, Jonathan Tripp, Mat Sherman


CHECK out #BlabNation

with Grammy Dawney Glenn ­­, Bonnie Frank, Leland Best™, Jonathan Tripp


So You Wanna Be a Co-Host

with Grammy Dawney Glenn ­­, Tim Gillette, Leland Best™, Nazim and Betti


The No Business Plan Business Plan w/ Ebong Eka

with Grammy Dawney Glenn, Leland Best, Jonathan Tripp, Jason Clarke


Bridging the Gap for Start-ups

with Leland Best, Jonathan Tripp, Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus, Shannon Sennefelder


Digital Networking Goes Personal Networking

with Grammy Dawney Glenn, Leland Best, Jonathan Tripp, David Vaughan 



Twitter Tools That Work w/ @Sirjohn_writer 

with Jonathan Tripp, Johnny Ray, Leland Best, David Vaughan


Communicating for business: Art or Science w/ @HilaryJSteel

with Hilary Steel, Leland Best, Jonathan Tripp, Lottie Hearn PPPlay!

redefining-user-generated-content-craig-carpenterRedefining User Generated Content w/ @CraigCarpenter

with Craig Carpenter, Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best, Krysti Mikkonen

Growing-your-audience-a-crossover-interviewGrowing Your Audience a Crossover Interview w/ @Tenminitt

with Melissa Reyes, Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best, Tim Gillette Show

eliminating-sales-funnels-with-google-adwordsEliminating sales funnels with Google AdWords w/ @ScottGombar

with Scott Gombar, Gus Wagner, Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best

branding-from-the-bottom-upBranding from the Bottom Up #blabnation

with Brandon Wagner, Leland Best, Jonathan Tripp, Frank Clark

creating-community-blabnationCreating Community #blabnation

with Jonathan Tripp, Tim Gillette, Leland Best, Inspirational Expert

building-community-without-borders-mark-shawBuilding Community Without Borders w/ Mark Shaw #tagtribes

with Mark Shaw, Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best

instagram-strategy-get-specific-with-your-contentInstagram Strategy: Get Specific With Your Content 

with Leland Best, Jonathan Tripp, Ashley Knight , Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus

branding-your-startupBranding Your #StartUp #BlabNation

with Jonathan Tripp, Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus, 2GuysTalking, Leland Best

live-streaming-vs-podcasting-round-2LiveStreaming vs. Podcasting Round 2

with David Vaughan, Leland Best, Jonathan Tripp, Bonnie Frank

the-art-of-powerful-introductionsThe Art of Powerful Introductions w/Leo Novsky

with Leo Novsky, Jonathan Tripp, Civilla M. Morgan, MSM, Leland Best

branding-360-degrees-kickstart-your-brandBranding 360 Degrees: Kickstart Your Brand w/ @loriwebb 

with Lori Webb, Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best, Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus

why-milestones-matter-building-a-community-that-lastsWhy Milestones Matter & Building a Lasting Community 

with Leland Best, Jonathan Tripp, Frank Clark, Bonnie Frank

marketing-on-snapchatMarketing on Snapchat & The Snapchatters Podcast w/ @nextgenbizman

with BradO, Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best

livestreaming-and-mastermind-groups-do-they-workLive Streaming and Mastermind Groups!
Do they work?

with Bonnie Frank, Leland Best, Jonathan Tripp, David Vaughan

embrace-imperfect-actionEmbrace Imperfect Action w/ Michael Bloom

with A Michael Bloom, Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best, Barb Tomlin

when-not-to-use-automation-tools-in-businessWhen to NOT use Automation Tools in Business

with Jed Record, Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus, Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best, Tim Gillette

how-to-share-your-message-on-social-mediaHow to Share Your Message on Social Media
w/ Morgan Ingram

with Morgan J. Ingram, Jonathan Tripp, Robert C. Stern, Leland Best, Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus

happy-festivus-blabnationHappy Festivus #openseat #Blabnation

with Karen Goodman, David Vaughan,Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus, Leland Best, Jonathan Tripp

the-good-bad-and-ugly-in-affiliate-marketingThe Good, The Bad, The Ugly in Affiliate Marketing

with Leland Best, Jonathan Tripp, David Vaughan, Delilah Taylor

social-media-as-a-second-languageSocial Media as a 2nd Language

with Zef Zan, Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best, Noura J alSerkal

100-days-on-blab100 Days on Blab #blabnation

with Robert C. Stern, The Audacity Coach, Tim Gillette, Leland Best

robert-stern-blabSmall Business on Social Media w/ @robertcstern

with Robert C. Stern, Inspirational Expert, Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best

social-media-agency-standardsSocial Media Shop Talk: Agency Standards

with Jonathan Tripp, Christella, Leland Best, Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus

Mellisa-Opie-blabnationSpecial Guest Melissa Opie

with Jonathan Tripp, Melissa Opie , Leland Best

repurposing-your-contentRepurpose Your Content with Denise Wakeman #WPblab Ep 12

with BlogAid, Denise Wakeman, Leland Best, Nazim and Betti

is-google-just-another-pig-in-make-upIs Google+ Just Another Pig in Make-up?

with David Kutcher @ CF, Leland Best, Chef Dennis,
Jonathan Tripp, Mia Voss, Dustin W. Stout

you-are-doing-it-wrong-content-curationYou're Doing it Wrong: Content Curation

with BlogAid, Leland Best, Jonathan Tripp

the-power-of-your-online-communityThe Power of Your Online Community

with Euro Maestro, Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best, Derek Sharp

using-livestream-periscopeMarketing using LiveStream Periscope

with Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best, David Shawe, Direct Sales Junkie

pinterest-the-mother-of-inventionPinterest the mother of invention

with Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best, Frank Clark, Chuck Bartok

was-i-wrong-about-snap-chat Was I wrong about SnapChat?

with Leland Best, Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus,Jonathan Tripp, Mariel Miller

instagram-blabnationMarketers Secret Weapon: Holidays on Instagram

with Mirza, Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best
Going forward with Instagram - #hashtags aren't just for Twitter anymore! What are some ways to use your images and what should you do to protect the images you create on your own....tune it to find out.

buy-it-nowThe ROI of Social Media Marketing 

with Jonathan Tripp, Ed Fratz, Leland Best, Bonnie Frank

Google-vs-the-worldGoogle vs. the World #hotseat

with Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best, Spy Gadget Rentals

pinterest-traffic-for-your-blogPinterest Traffic for Your Blog

with Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best, Tiffany A. Rose Wood, Art Jones


build-a-passion-businessBuilding a Business From Your Passion

Air Date: 11/12/2015  with Leland Best and Jonathan Tripp

In roll-reversal between the two of us, I took the reigns this time while Jonathan and I talk about the similarities and differences between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing and why we're out on Blab dispelling some of the myths.

lifestyle-bloggingLifestyle Blogging With Video w/ @FueledXRunning

with Willie Gillis, Jonathan Tripp, Susan Jimenez, Leland Best


blogging-from-the-ground-upBlogging From the Ground Up w/ @MissCharlotteEm

Air Date: N/A with Charlotte Emily, Jonathan Tripp, Willie Gillis, Leland Best



sell-yourself-the-right-waySell Yourself (The Right Way) #elevateyourself

Air Date: 11/11/2015 with Jonathan Tripp, Ed Fratz, Chuck Bartok, Leland Best

leland-best-blab-3How to Repurpose Podcasts

Air Date: 11/10/2015  with Jonathan Tripp, Anna Jo Scheller, Tim Gillette, Leland Best

I tried to get in early on my cell, but that wasn't working.  Then throughout I continued to have mic issues that kept me at bay, but the rest had tremendous insights on ways to utilize podcasting and blabbing after the mics get dropped!

leland-best-blab-2Going Beyond Finding Your 'WHY'

Air Date: ~ 11/7/2015 with Inspirational Expert, Morgan J. Ingram, Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best

Taking the discovery of your "Why" to the next level requires digging a little deeper into your psyche and coming to terms with what your greatest gifts are.  In this blabcast, several coaches give their perspective on what works best.

leland-best-blab-1How LiveStream changed EVERYTHING for my business!

with Jonathan Tripp, Leland Best, Jessica A. Walker , Daniel Terry

In my first episode on Johnathan Tripp gets us to discuss the effect that live broadcasting on various platforms has had on our business model.


Some of My Other #Blabs

video-production-tips-from-in-front-and behind-the-camera-BTSLIVE

BTS Live 016 - Video Production Tips From In Front and Behind The Camera

with Marty McPadden, Barb Tomlin, Leland Best™, and JS Gilbert

repurposing-your-contentRepurpose Your Content with Denise Wakeman

with BlogAid (#WPblab Ep 12), Denise Wakeman, Leland Best, Nazim and Betti 

blab-featured-picLet's Talk Turkey - Triptophan and Other Essentials

with Leland Best and Dennis Kenez
Within the context of the holiday season, "shiny objects" are everywhere!  Are these really essentials tools for your business?  Don't fall for all the hype, only buy the stuff you need.

getting-started-with-blabGetting Started with Blab

Air Date: 11/16/2015  Tassey Russo, Leland Best and Guests

What started out as a quick one-on-one help session, turned into quite the training grounds!  If you're new to Blab, go here first for some tips and pointers on how to use this awesome live streaming platform!

flub-with-meFlub with Melanie Lane] or Flub with your Client,
The choice is yours...

Air Date: 11/14/2015  with Melanie Lane, Mat Duncan, Leland Best and Chuck Bartock (I start at 0:50)

I've never really considered myself much of a 1-on-1 salesperson, and sitting down with former 2nd City comedian Melanie Lane proves my point.  Watch as she helps guide me along a path to develop a proper "meet-n-greet" technique that I will carry with me for years to come.  Thanks Melanie!